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Hey there, I'm Morgan Morgan (yes, really), an evidence-based online fitness coach. I know there are endless programs, diets, workouts, supplements, challenges and "Sally's friend Susan swears by this" out there - my goal as a coach is to help you navigate your way through the vast world of "dieting" and zero in on a program that is built specifically for YOU. It's time to make fitness fit into your lifestyle - not the other way around. 

Who am I?

Earned MS in Organizational Psychology in August 2017 from Walden University

Received personal training certification in 2016 through ISSA

Graduated in 2015 from Penn State with a BA in Advertising + Public Relations

Creator of Lean In 16 eBook, a 16 week workout program combining HIIT workouts and LISS training.

Wife, dog mom + lover of carbs

how I got into fitness

"I've tried every diet in the book. I'm starving. This diet is making me miserable. All I want to do is eat an entire box of donuts."

Sound familiar?

Like many others, I have struggled with body image issues and, like many others, I've tried nearly every diet I've heard of, but "dieting" never worked for me. I was hangry, I was tired, I was overweight, I was underweight, and every time I started a new diet, I felt defeated. 

Rather than giving up, I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to know more about health and wellness, and I wanted to find a healthy lifestyle that still allowed me the flexibility of enjoying myself and an occasional night out with friends without inhibiting my fitness goals. I obtained my personal training certification and began to study endlessly about nutrition and dieting approaches. I began taking on clients as a personal trainer in 2016. Since then, I have worked to help clients achieve their own balanced approach towards a healthier lifestyle, utilizing a flexible dieting method, providing customizable, do-anywhere workouts, getting to know my clients on a personal basis, guiding them towards their health goals, and cheering them on the entire way. 

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